Standard Work for a Lean Stand-Up Meeting

The stand-up morning meeting is a daily ritual of many organizations on Lean journeys. The format for a Lean stand-up meeting varies depending on the group that is being brought together. I’ve discussed a format for cross-functional teams in one of my earlier posts. In this post, I want to discuss a daily meeting format for one’s “first” or primary, focused team. (more…)

Lean Stand-Up Meeting: Get Ready for Action!

Many Lean focused organizations adopt some sort of daily stand-up meeting. These daily meetings may take different forms depending on the type of team, the typical problems to solve, and the nature of the business. Common elements to the daily stand-up meeting are: they tend to be short (5-15 minutes), have a visual management component (such as a whiteboard), and are conducted standing (as opposed to sitting) to keep discussions brief. There are multitudes of potential formats appropriate for these meetings. However I am going to present one type of format you can use for a daily meeting that may be well suited for bringing together a cross-functional team, such as management or supervision staff. (more…)