Five Ways to Discover Hidden Problems

Ten years ago, I worked with a manufacturing department that was beginning their Lean Journey and it was standard practice for them to produce 10% over the customer order quantity in case there were problems in the downstream operations. In many cases, this extra 10% was still not enough to cover the order after defective product was removed from the lot. Another production run then had to be started to fulfill the customer order quantity. These additional runs not only caused delays to the shipment, but it ultimately increased the cost to the customer: There were additional equipment setups, lot-release inspections, scrap product, inventory management time, packaging time, certification paperwork, etc. (more…)

On your Lean Journey here are Five Tips to Engage!

Our personal Lean Journey is filled with new treasures as we explore and learn. But these treasures of wonder are often hidden in what seem like deep, large pitch black caverns of unknown and uncomfortable territory. While I was recently listening to the LSSAcademy Podcast I was prompted to consider my own answer to Ron Pereira’s first question, “What is your favorite Lean quote?” I’m going to have to use Captain Picard on this one: “Engage!” (more…)