Visual Management of Focused Teams using a Whiteboard

Visual Management is an important tool in your organization’s quest for Operational Excellence. I mentioned in my last post a great way to create action using a whiteboard for cross functional teams. Today I want to present a whiteboard layout that I have used for well over a year with a focused team (such as an engineering support team). This particular layout is suitable for teams of individuals who generally work on similar tasks, but tend to work individually (or as team members on other teams). (more…)

Creating Focus

Have you heard the acronym for FOCUS? “Follow one course until success.” Often times in our work settings, we have many fires and urgent issues that arise. What tools do you use to help create focus in your team? How do you create a zone of no distractions? It’s an interesting question that applies whether you are working in an office environment, a manufacturing environment, in healthcare, etc. We all struggle to maintain focus. But it is ever more important when you are in a position of leadership since not only is your focus critical for the tasks and responsibilities you hold, but it is also critical that you employ tactics so your team maintains that focus.

Here are my recommendations…  (more…)