Is your Current State Data Garbage?

Have you ever been faced with a coworker approaching you with a perception of a problem occurring somewhere in the organization, yet there is no data to actually quantify the frequency or severity of the problem? This is an everyday occurrence for many of us. Sometimes I see personnel attempting to solve a perceived problem with countermeasures before they truly understand the problem or have quantified the current state. Though I’m proud of them taking initiative to solve a problem, I have to steer them to make sure they fully understand the current state before implementing any corrective actions. (more…)

A3 Thinking on a Whiteboard for Finding Root Causes

Here’s the death to problem solving:
A group of people sitting around a conference table trying to solve a technical manufacturing problem. Only one person in the group has actually seen the problem or defect, and the entire rest of the group hasn’t even seen the process first hand that created it. One person is outspoken of their particular idea, and eventually everyone “agrees” to buy into the argument and we march along with an action plan. This is probably the worst possible way to attack a problem – I call it “Engineering by Consensus.”

Here’s a better way: (more…)